New Song out now!

New Song out now!

A soundtrack full of archaic beauty...


is a soundtrack full of mysterious, archaic atmospheres. The sounds are long, evolving. This piece is evoking the spirits of the canyons and the caves. Listening to it you can imagine to travel into the caves of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. This place is still a sacred spot to the Indians of USA. Let's join the great Spirit and celebrate oneness, love and peace...

Please check track number 8.

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Friday, February 1, 2008


Rino Serafino Cassano, of italian origins. Musician, Composer, Sound-Designer and
Multi-Media Artist. He has lived in different countries and he's multi-lingual.

He's looking for good contacts to a music label or producer,
to start a fruitful and creative collaboration.

His words about his creative work:

"I've never studied music in a special school. Music to me is in every sense a state of being, feeling. It's living. My approach to music is always intuitive, unconditioned, rather irrational. And so often i break some "unwritten" laws. Like a wild flow music overflows some narrow (mental) borders and that's a positive side-effect!"

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Thanks and enjoy music and life!"

The Author's Biography:

Rino was born on February the 14th of 1968 in Basle-City.
He started very early with playing music. He changed many musical styles from New Wave crossing over to Celtic music, Folk and World music to reach now his actual territory of musical development and discovery: Ambient Music – Experimental Electronica. Inspired by the sound of the Australian Didjeridu he started to dive into the depths of music. Now he's employing his skills in creating own soundscapes and patterns, composing vibrating and tactile soundtracks full of strong energies. Most of his tracks are distinguished by an ethereal fluidity and transparency which makes his music apt for calming down, relax or contemplate. AMBRADUNA has not yet released a CD, he's now working constantly on preparing the best stuff for one first release. So please be patient and enjoy.
Have a good listening!
If you wish to help the artist, please contact him. Thank you.

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